Tips to Boost Your Home’s Security with Boom gates

Boom gates are a must-have feature for any premises that needs high security and has high vehicle traffic. These kinds of gates feature a vertical pole with a boom that rises or drops to allow vehicle access. Boom gates are very effective at controlling vehicle access and managing traffic. They can be used to prevent congestion and the attendant accidents. Boom gates are prone to damage from being knocked over, either accidentally or intentionally. Regular boom gates repairs and maintenance keep these vital security systems in god working condition.

Sliding gates are ideal for maintaining security by controlling access when there is shortage of manpower.  These kinds of gates are also very robust as they can be made of heavy gauge steel to withstand crashes. Motorizedsliding gates can be made heavier and bulkier for better resistance.  The biggest advantage of sliding gates is that they can be opened and closed quickly without physical handling. This means a person inside the premises can lock down the grounds in short time to prevent entry or exit.

Boom gates and sliding gates maintain efficient access control unlike humans whose performance can flag from tiring. They are also cost advantages in automation.

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What you Should Know about your Sliding Gates and Doors

Sliding gates are very convenient security installations. They can be made heavy to be robust and resistant against attempts to break them down. the ease of opening and closing sliding gates depends on the sliding gate motors. The stronger the motor, the faster it can handle the open and close process.

If the motor is weak, the garage door will open and close very slowly and in time, the motor will burnout from heavy loading.  There are some issues you have to look into when deciding to automate your gate and garage door.

1. The motor you choose is dependent on the kind of automation you want. If you need a fully  gate you would go for a two leaf motor, if you need a partially  sliding gate a single leaf motor would be ideal. You will also have to consider factors such as the sliding length and the climatic conditions.

2. The qualities of electronics you use in the automation determine the durability of the system. When picking garage door clickers, high quality electronics from recognized brands are the best to give you better range of distance and length of service.

3. Safety should be a concern so that the automated system has self-halting measures to prevent injuries.

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Tips for Finding the Best Garage Door Motors

The garage is an integral part of any home or commercial building. For convenient and fast access, the door has to keep prating in top form all the time. Neglecting crucial components of the garage door such as the garage door motors could affect its efficiency, and you could get locked out without notice. Apparently, a well-kept door will operate smoothly without throwing additional repair costs at you.

Know the Garage Door Components

To enhance the user friendliness of your garage door, it helps to understand crucial components and how they work in tandem with other parts. For instance you need to know how to take care of the roller door motor. Whereas the door springs, railings or roller cages need to be in good shape, you should know the ideal garage door motors to install. Remember, you should leave such installations to skilled experts form a reputable garage door company.

AC or DC Roller Door Motors

When you ponder over roller door motors, it’s important to think about door motor types. You will find AC or Dc motors. Always weigh the pros and cons of installing either model. The best thing about choosing a DC motor is that you will enjoy a quieter operation, smaller size and you can opt for battery backed dc motors incase the main power supply runs out.  To know more details visit our website:

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Use Door Clickers to Enhance Security on Your Building

Security in most buildings, whether residential or commercial, is often given priority in a bid to control those allowed to enter and leave premises at any time. It is for this reason that many property owners invest in security solutions that will protect tenants but still allow them to access the building with ease. Among the popular solutions that many have adopted include door buzzers which can be used in standalone homes or in an apartment complex. These buzzers can be used for the main entry of the home or at the door of each apartment to ensure that access is restricted only to residents.

To further protect important investments consider having door clickers that can be controlled automatically, from the inside and outside. These clickers can be used on individual doors in the home such as garage doors or even the main door. They work by generating new codes each time the clicker is used, making it easier to keep track of those entering or leaving the home or office space.

Overall gate control solutions are the best option when seeking high level security for residential and commercial properties that are convenient and affordable.

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The Brief on Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic sliding gates utilize electric motors for opening and closing the gates. You can use a transmitter from the comfort of your car to transmit a message to a receiver that will use this command to open or close the gate. Attachment of the automatic gate mechanism is possible on a sliding or swinging gate or you can opt to make a purchase for a complete automatic gate kit.

Automatic gates have evolved over time since their first usage; they have become less expensive and more efficient than the past and there are also more options than there were previously available:

You can now find Bifold gates in the market

Added security is offered by keypad transmitters

Sliding gates are either double or single gates

You can also find solar powered gates in the market

Some gates are linked to Smartphone apps which allow interactions between you and your visitors through an intercom or to open the gate from a considerable distance

Swing barrier gates may have rising hinges allowing your gate to be opened on a slope

Any one of these automatic gate kit types may be installed on already existing gates as long as the said gates are in good condition.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Barrier Gate for Your Property

Automatic gates are no longer a luxury regardless of the size of your business or commercial property. Advancements in automatic gate systems have made the technology cheaper and more accessible to business owners. Barrier gates are more affordable than ever, but there are a number of factors you need to consider before jumping into the installation. This is to ensure that you get the best fit for your specific security needs.

Power supply requirements

Most gate systems use the same standard power supply available at your commercial property. It is however important to consult with the supplier to find out if there are any special power supply requirements for the gate system you choose. In any case, it is important to ensure that any changes, installations or modifications where power supply is concerned are attended to by an expert. It is also important to consider additional parts or features related to the gate system such as lighting and intercoms.

Type of barrier gate

This refers to the size or direction of the barrier arm. It is important to consider the layout of the property such as the space designated for the gate. The idea is to get the right-sized barrier gate that functions property and looks good. Getting a representative on site to inspect the installation area is a great way to ensure that you procure the best option. In addition to this, the representative can find out about any unusual or unique landscaping features that may make installation a challenge.


As much as automatic gates serve a security function, they are also the first point of contact with visitors to the commercial property. It is therefore prudent to consider aesthetics when choosing the best gate. Find out if the gate can be customized, for example by painting it with the company colors. Consider any other aesthetic requirements you might have, and relay them to the gate supplier to allow them to offer the best option.

Access control and operating systems

automatic gates rely on different systems. The most common include hydraulic and electro-mechanical. Hydraulic systems typically have a longer lifespan, run quieter and stand up better to the elements. Electro-mechanical systems on the other hand are cheaper and can handle most basic security features. Find out from the supplier about what is available and ask for expert advice or suggestions on which one would be most suitable for your purposes.

A good supplier will be able to provide the best gate system for your business. In addition to this, the supplier can handle additional tasks including maintenance, servicing and repairs, as well as other related requests such as garage door remotes. Due diligence is required to ensure that you get value for your money.

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How to Prepare Your Automatic Gate for the winter

Ensuring that your automatic swing gate works effectively during the winter requires some simple maintenance tips that make all the difference. Inclement weather can cause havoc on electrical systems but there are a few simple ways to avoid this.

Caring for your automatic gate during winter  

Check gate operator belts to ensure that they are in good condition. Replace them if they show any sign of wear. Common problems to look out for include stress fractures, cracks and divots.

Next, grease the hinges and all moving parts according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Refer to your user’s manual to ensure that you do not miss any gate hardware that needs to be greased. Freezing temperatures can cause extra strain on the opening and closing system so greasing helps the gate to move as smoothly as possible.

Lastly and most importantly, ensure that you have a quality gate in the first place. Gate providers such as Magic Button Automation offer high-quality automated gate systems that are easily able to withstand extreme temperatures with little maintenance on your part. Your gate provider or installer can also suggest additional maintenance tasks for the specific type of gate.

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