Choosing Residential gates: To Swing or Slide?

Electric Swing Gates

They require less maintenance and repairs in comparison to other types of gates. The moving parts are few which means that the possibility of breakdown, wear and tear is lessened. They do not have a slide track that would require cleaning at all times to ensue efficiency.

Swing gates are quiet and are easy to open and close with no unnecessary noise emanated. These types of gates are also appealing to look at. You only need to open as far as you need to access entry and when people think of installing a gorgeous gate with carb appeal they normally go for swing gates.

Electric Sliding Gates

In majority of cases, customers wanting to install gates opt for swing gates. They offer a number of advantages unique to their type. These gates are quiet and very easy to operate. They are also ideal for companies and come equipped with security technology that allows for remote control.

When installing a sliding gate, ensure that the landscape does not have any sort of blocking that would hinder the gate from opening fully. There should be no trees, rocks or any other landscape barrier. There should also be no large upward slope as this would also act as a barrier.

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