Selecting The Garage Door Remote

If you are looking at installing remote controlled garage doors for your premises, it will be handy to have extra door opener remotes; however, selecting the right opener may be a bit confusing. Every manufacturer produces their own replacement remotes however; there are universal remotes you can purchase. You will need to first decide on what features you are looking for as well as the size of the remote. The full-size remotes can be conveniently clipped onto the car visor. However, this may pose as a security threat in the unfortunate even that your vehicle is stolen. A better option would be to get a mini remote which clips onto your key chain and which operates in a similar manner as a full size remote.


Look for the remote’s information from the automatic garage doors manufacturer and on the motor unit located on the ceiling of the garage or on the external receiver located next to the wire antenna. By using this information from the manufacturer, you can purchase a remote that is an exact replacement for your current garage door by matching model number and brand and proceed to buy it directly from a certified distributor by the manufacturing company.

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