What you Should Know about your Sliding Gates and Doors

Sliding gates are very convenient security installations. They can be made heavy to be robust and resistant against attempts to break them down. the ease of opening and closing sliding gates depends on the sliding gate motors. The stronger the motor, the faster it can handle the open and close process.

If the motor is weak, the garage door will open and close very slowly and in time, the motor will burnout from heavy loading.  There are some issues you have to look into when deciding to automate your gate and garage door.

1. The motor you choose is dependent on the kind of automation you want. If you need a fully  gate you would go for a two leaf motor, if you need a partially  sliding gate a single leaf motor would be ideal. You will also have to consider factors such as the sliding length and the climatic conditions.

2. The qualities of electronics you use in the automation determine the durability of the system. When picking garage door clickers, high quality electronics from recognized brands are the best to give you better range of distance and length of service.

3. Safety should be a concern so that the automated system has self-halting measures to prevent injuries.

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