Tips to Boost Your Home’s Security with Boom gates

Boom gates are a must-have feature for any premises that needs high security and has high vehicle traffic. These kinds of gates feature a vertical pole with a boom that rises or drops to allow vehicle access. Boom gates are very effective at controlling vehicle access and managing traffic. They can be used to prevent congestion and the attendant accidents. Boom gates are prone to damage from being knocked over, either accidentally or intentionally. Regular boom gates repairs and maintenance keep these vital security systems in god working condition.

Sliding gates are ideal for maintaining security by controlling access when there is shortage of manpower.  These kinds of gates are also very robust as they can be made of heavy gauge steel to withstand crashes. Motorizedsliding gates can be made heavier and bulkier for better resistance.  The biggest advantage of sliding gates is that they can be opened and closed quickly without physical handling. This means a person inside the premises can lock down the grounds in short time to prevent entry or exit.

Boom gates and sliding gates maintain efficient access control unlike humans whose performance can flag from tiring. They are also cost advantages in automation.

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