About Installing an Automatic Gate at Your Commercial Property

Gates serve a number of purposes at commercial properties, the paramount one being security. Most property owners are faced with the decision to either install an automatic sliding or boom gate. Whatever the case, the best thing you can do is to purchase a quality product to begin with.

Purchasing high-quality gates

Good quality sliding gates should adhere to the ISO9001 standard, and there should be proof of this from the dealer. These are the industry standards set for durability and quality. Some of the features to look into when choosing a sliding gate include galvanized steel chassis, steel construction and stainless steel cover. These features help to ensure reliable operations despite constant exposure to the elements.

It is equally important to consider quality when choosing boom gates. At the very least, you should expect numerous cycles of reliable operation. Some of the features to look out for include aluminum cabinet construction, logic interfaces and uninterrupted power supply depending on your security framework.

Choosing the right gate for your commercial property is not a one-size-fits all affair. Speaking to an expert at Magic Button Automation for example can help you to understand the available options and make an informed decision on which specific product best suits your unique security needs.  To know more details visit our website: www.mdi.com.au

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Factors That Determine How Much You Will Pay For Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are the in-thing today. There is no reason why you should keep getting in and out of your car simply because you are operating a gate. With a remote control tool, you can operate your gates without any hassle. The only problem is the cost. Automatic gates can be quite costly, but this is not always the case. The cost depends on a number of factors.

1. Type of gate

There are a number of electric gates that you can purchase in the market. Each type tends to have its own different price. Therefore, when you are going shopping, you should decide on whether you want to go for swing gates or you would like to purchase something a bit fancier like sliding gates and boom gates.

2. Size of the gate

Electric gates do not come in a standardized size. There are small gates and others that are big. The size of the gate that you decide to purchase is going to inform the cost of the whole system. It is wise to ensure that you get a gate that will make movement effortless.

3. Place of purchase

It is one thing to get access to a good gate and another totally different thing to get access to a high quality gate at an affordable price. There are many places where you can purchase electric gates but some tend to have better prices than others. A place like Magic Door Industries located in Sydney, Brisbane and Australia wide is reputed for having high quality products at extremely good prices. So, whether you want sliding gates or the swing gates, you will get it at a very affordable rate.

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Learn More About Barrier Gates

Barrier gates have become increasingly popular over the recent past. They make residents in a property feel that there is an added security level in their residences. Today, people are using these gates to keep unwanted visitors out. Some of them are electronic gates that which makes them easier to control.

Suitable for commercial and domestic properties

These gates are being installed in both commercial and residential properties. In commercial properties, they are found at checkpoints. They are also used to control traffic into major premises. This is very important because it enhances security in the properties.

Easy to install


These gates are easy to install. However, professional installation is recommended to ensure that they continue to function properly for a long time. It is only with professional installation that these gates can function without problems for a longer period.

Electronic gates h-g5

Some of them are function like electronic gates in your home. They have opening and closing mechanism just like your garage door remotes. This makes them ideal for most residents where occupants want to be moving in and out without having to step out of their vehicles to open the gates. Basically, these gates provide added security and convenience that most people need in their residences.

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Selecting The Garage Door Remote

If you are looking at installing remote controlled garage doors for your premises, it will be handy to have extra door opener remotes; however, selecting the right opener may be a bit confusing. Every manufacturer produces their own replacement remotes however; there are universal remotes you can purchase. You will need to first decide on what features you are looking for as well as the size of the remote. The full-size remotes can be conveniently clipped onto the car visor. However, this may pose as a security threat in the unfortunate even that your vehicle is stolen. A better option would be to get a mini remote which clips onto your key chain and which operates in a similar manner as a full size remote.


Look for the remote’s information from the automatic garage doors manufacturer and on the motor unit located on the ceiling of the garage or on the external receiver located next to the wire antenna. By using this information from the manufacturer, you can purchase a remote that is an exact replacement for your current garage door by matching model number and brand and proceed to buy it directly from a certified distributor by the manufacturing company.

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Choosing Residential gates: To Swing or Slide?

Electric Swing Gates

They require less maintenance and repairs in comparison to other types of gates. The moving parts are few which means that the possibility of breakdown, wear and tear is lessened. They do not have a slide track that would require cleaning at all times to ensue efficiency.

Swing gates are quiet and are easy to open and close with no unnecessary noise emanated. These types of gates are also appealing to look at. You only need to open as far as you need to access entry and when people think of installing a gorgeous gate with carb appeal they normally go for swing gates.

Electric Sliding Gates

In majority of cases, customers wanting to install gates opt for swing gates. They offer a number of advantages unique to their type. These gates are quiet and very easy to operate. They are also ideal for companies and come equipped with security technology that allows for remote control.

When installing a sliding gate, ensure that the landscape does not have any sort of blocking that would hinder the gate from opening fully. There should be no trees, rocks or any other landscape barrier. There should also be no large upward slope as this would also act as a barrier.

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The Pros and Why You Need to Install Automatic Garage Doors

Automatic garage door are very convenient but like any other technology, they have their downside. If you are thinking of upgrading your garage door, it will be helpful to read on the pros and cons discussed in this article.

  • The key advantage of these types of doors is the minimal effort required to operate the garage door openers. By simply tapping on the remote control, you will not need to get out of your car when entering or exiting the garage.
  • The lock features in automatic garage doors are sufficient security. You will not need to install any additional security systems or locks to deter thieves from breaking into your premises.
  • With these garage door types, there are lesser chances of  accidents or injuries occurring as there is very minimal if any contact that you have with the garage door.

It is also important to note that the process of installation is requires a professional technician for accuracy and efficiency. In case of the garage door malfunctions you will need to call in a professional in automatic gate repairs to fix it.  But before you make the call, ensure that the door is on its tracks and that the tracks are firmly positioned on the opening, the spring is not broken, and the garage door is stable. Do not attempt to remove the operator cover or any electric faults you perceive to be troublesome unless you have the necessary qualifications to do so.

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Electric Sliding Gates – The Best Way To Increase Security Level

From the past few years, automatic gates are considered as the best alternative to manual ones. By installing these gates, anyone can elevate the security of his premises. Moreover, they are highly affordable than others. If we talk about sliding doors, they offer many advantages to all. The best part is that they consume little space in the open area. So, if somebody wants to save his space, then he should opt Electric Sliding Gates. We, at Magic Door Industries, are a profound quality assured company that offers a variety of automation products to choose from. Whether you want to buy door openers, gate hardware, handheld remotes, intercom or latches, you can easily get them from us.

What’s more, our professional team specializes to design and install Electric Swing Gates according to the clients’ requirements. Moreover, we also own a fully stocked warehouse including spare parts and accessories. Also, our company offers excellent after sales service to all the customers. Our service team is available 24X7 to assist you. Being a premier company, we offer a wide range of models which are ideal for industrial and residential usage. On the other hand, our expert team will assist you to design the robust solution according to the budget and environment.


If you need any detail about our products or services, then you can contact us by filling a short contact us form. We will respond all your queries as soon as possible. To enhance security at your premises, get our top quality products today!

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